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Clients call her ‘The Magician’, radio stations call her the ‘Love Doctor’ and ‘Love Guru’, however Jane describes herself as a love, happiness, dating and relationship coach who works for the love gods and angels. Jane is the author of two books on love, Thoughts on Love, Life and all that Jazz and How To Get the Date.

She has appeared on weekly and regular radio segments on Fresh FM, SAFM, Power FM, LAFM and FiveAA, and formerly co-hosted the ACRA-nominated mind-body-spirit ‘Soul Sistas’, which was broadcast on 20+ stations Australia-wide. Jane hosts regular public seminars and webinars, is available as a private coach, and owns Adelaide’s leading social club for single people, Social 8. For more information, or to book a coaching session with Jane, visit www.janedonovan.com.au

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Rebecca_Dettman1Rebecca Dettman is a leading expert in psychic-emotional work. Since 2005, she has channelled over 3000 hours of higher vibrational messages, delivering life-changing spiritual knowledge to thousands of people in Australia and internationally. Rebecca has counselled celebrities, politicians, doctors, lawyers, stockbrokers, farmers, policemen, poker players and cancer patients. Her methods are successful, direct, pro-active and empowering.

A modern intuitive and self-development educator, Rebecca delivers positive messages to remove emotional blocks and encourage free thinking, personal responsibility and self-empowerment. A former journalist for News Ltd and Time Inc, she has appeared on radio for Hamish & Andy, StarFM, SAFM, PowerFM, FreshFM and more. Her mind-body-spirit national radio show ‘Soul Sistas’ was nominated for a 2014 ACRA award.

Rebecca has also assisted hundreds of teenagers with bullying, body image, self-esteem and sexual-emotional health information. Through sessions and workshops at high schools, Rebecca delivers powerful self-development skills and guides young people through personal realisations to breakthroughs which can change their lives for the better. For more information, or to book an intuitive counselling session with Rebecca, visit www.rebeccadettman.com

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