LL 239: Facing Five Fears in Five Days

Are you ready to face your fears and tackle a perceived upper limit situation? Are your fears ones of genuine danger or rather fears lived more in the imagination? My guest today Sange Carter from the Myndshift Academy, conducted a mindset experiment on herself by choosing to tackle five fears and challenges in five days! Jumping out a plane, embracing a snake, allowing a spider to walk up and down her arms, have a  radical hair-cut from long to short hair and performing on stage as a stand-up comic. She shares with us the lessons learnt from each fear faced with some great take home tools to implement in your life today to enable you to overcome fears and embrace the life your choose.






LL 238: Being An Empath

Do you easily sense other people’s emotions or thoughts? Or do you feel others pain easily. Then perhaps you too are an empath and today’s episode is all about you. I am joined by fellow empath Rebecca Brown, where we discuss what an empath is, the difference between being a highly sensitive person (HSP) and being an empath, what the challenges of self-care are, tools and tips to manage and embrace being an empath and personal stories of our individual journey as empaths.

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LL 237: Rise As One with Mark Breadner

Today I am joined by Mark Breadner, who has launched the Rise As One Project to help the rise of the feminine by breaking the cycle of female poverty through education. His ability to actualise his dreams is inspiring as is his invitation today to the Love-Life Tribe, ‘to do what is needed and do it from your heart’.






LL 236: The Journey of Two Highly Sensitive Women and Mothers

What happens when I get to chat with another sensitivity coach from the other side of the world? You get two perspectives of living and thriving in the world as a highly sensitive person. Today I am joined by Mia Poulsen where we discuss being a HSP, parenting HSP children, having a non HSP partner and the importance of self-awareness. The show is packed with tools and tips to understand, manage and embrace your gift of sensitivity. And yes, it is a gift, we both promise!

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LL 235: What’s In A Song

We’ve all got that anthem, our anthem. That one song that takes us to our own unique special place. In today’s episode I explore what’s in a song and am also joined by award winning educator and researcher, Dr Anita Collins where we explore the impact of singing on cognitive development including the balance between familiarity and repetition to the craving for novelty and difference, how song and movement creates bonding and the experiment showing the growth of empathy through singing.




LL 234: Healing Women’s Sexuality with Diane McCann

‘It’s time to rewrite the history books for women and sexuality and stop blaming men’. In this dynamic episode with the gorgeous Diane McCann we discuss yoni/sacred spot healing and healers, reframing how we observe sexuality, tantra, orgasm, sex, pornography, yoni eggs, wands, OMG Yes and breaking the cycle.





LL 233: My Eat, Pray, Love Lesson in Bali on Happiness with Katut Suardana

Today’s episode is with my special guest Katut Suardana who patiently shares Hindu wisdom with me around topics such as giving, the four beliefs of life, what is karma, the seven levels of truth, the three connections and reasons for happiness, the mother and Katut’s beautiful advice to me to stop making things right or wrong. And the bonus is the beautiful sounds of Bali in the background.





LL 232: Stuck in a Rut, Remembering Magic

Are you stuck in a rut feeling trapped or lacking in options? Or are you tired from actioning the manifestation of your desires? Today’s episode is bringing back the magic of life with stories from the Love-Life Tribe where I ask the question, ‘what is something fabulous you have unexpectedly received’? Stories include exhibiting art, speaking on stage, meeting a new partner, taking a spiritual journey, the gifts from anorexia and depression,  being interviewed for a reality show, becoming pregnant, receiving money, holidays and a new home.


LL 231: The Shadow of the Feminine

What does the shadow side relationship look like? Today’s guest is Rosie Garner, a blogger who shares the story of a past relationship where both her partner and herself were operating from the shadow side of both masculine and feminine energies. She vulnerably shares her real life story of how it was playing out and how together they worked through the pain, heartbreak and aha moments to grow as individuals. Discussions include setting of intention, validation, relationship balance, dating, alpha and beta energies, life lessons and love language shutdowns. Plus descriptions of what the natural feminine is, the natural masculine is and the wounded feminine and masculine.




LL 230: Mirror and Shadow Work

Today’s episode is all about understanding the shadow side. I step you through two processes to come to greater self-love, using the mirror effect to identify unowned, discarded and buried traits and qualities within us and then using the shadow method to move to acceptance and love. These two tools, used side by side will help you move through emotion with greater understanding and  are brilliant to help navigate conflict or triggers in your life.