LL 09: White Knight Syndrome

The ‘I need to be a rescuer’ / ‘I want to be rescued’ set-up is a common dynamic in many relationships. In this episode we take a closer look at popular cultural phenomena such as Twilight and Fifty Shades of Grey and why their success rested on their over-controlling, over-protective themes, why many adults are addicted to fantasy knight/maiden archetypes and how today’s men and women have their alpha-beta energies unbalanced and confused.

LL 08: Guilt-Free Boundaries

In a perfect follow-on from last week’s topic, this episode looks at how and where energy is being drained in your life. Where are your personal boundaries? What do they say about your self-esteem? Are you comfortable saying no, or would you much rather be a people pleaser and never rock the boat? Learn tools and tips for saying no in every situation in life – especially sexually and in the dating world.

LL 07: Do you attract DRAMA?

Are you an attention-getting drama queen? Do you have toxic friends? It’s time to look at how and why gossipy and bitchy behaviours are serving you, where you need to strengthen your self-love and personal boundaries, and how to organise your life and better your relationships to include more quality time and less time-wasting drama!

LL 06: The Four Stages of a Relationship

There are four stages that every couple pass through if they’re going to make it long-term. Skipping or jumping one of them is not an option! In this episode, Rebecca and Jane hold a detailed discussion about these classic ‘stages’ and some crucial techniques to making lifelong relationships work

LL 05: Masculine Aggression

One in three women in our society are victims of abuse, and a large number of male victims also go unreported each year. How can today’s men better channel their natural power and energy in positive ways? How can women create healthy boundaries and boost their self-worth? It all starts with parenting, education and the importance of awesome male role models for our young people. If you’re a parent and/or a person who’s had a traumatic experience in the hands of a loved one, don’t miss this crucial episode.

LL 04: Do You Want Sex Or Love This Valentine’s Day?

Do people really want endless amounts of hot sex… or, deep down, are we actually craving something more deep and meaningful? As we approach the biggest love date on the calendar, Jane Donovan and Rebecca Dettman look at how ‘sex’ versus ‘love’ are interpreted, traded, bartered, played with and misinterpreted in our society. Includes the ‘No Sex For 90 Days’ rule and how ‘sex-too-soon’ can ruin a heartfelt connection.


LL 03: Are You Undateable?

List-makers beware! Is your tendency to organise people, times and places, schedule your life to the nano-second and be a control freak severely limiting your chances to find your dream partner? ‘Love doctor’ Jane Donovan and intuitive counsellor Rebecca Dettman are here to help you throw away those limiting lists of everything you’ve decided you deserve in a perfect partner – and teach you how start attracting in some mind-expanding, open-ended surprises by using ‘non-negotiables’.


LL 02: How To Survive A Break-Up

It happens to all of us: sometimes the most loving relationships in the world come to an end. Here, Jane Donovan and Rebecca Dettman share their advice about how to recover post-separation by conducting a ‘dating detox’, rebuilding your self-confidence and identity, and learning how to date yourself before jumping back into the game or succumbing to unfulfilling ‘rebound’s.

LL 01: What Fear Is Stopping You?

In this 30 minute segment, love coach Jane Donovan and intuitive expert Rebecca Dettman talk about the common fears and emotional blocks we all carry: where they originate, how to identify them, and how to ultimately let them go for a happier life. Includes disucssion of tools and techniques such as ‘Climbing the Emotional Ladder’, ‘Reframing’, ‘Emotional Freedom Technique’ and much more!